How to recycle old CDs

How many of us have some old CDs in our homes   which we do not know what to do with. Throwing them is not a good idea because with a little imagination we can make many decorative items for our homes and it's very useful to care of our environment.
 Here are some ideas for reusing CDs:

Curtain: This idea is very simple and quite decorative. We need a lot of cds depending on the height and width you want. With the help of a hot needle make a hole in the top and bottom of the CD and let a line joining each CD making a knot until we have the required length.We tied the first strip to a tube or stick of bamboo curtain. We do the same procedure as necessary to achieve the desired width of the curtain.
  • Decorative pannel: Using acrylic paint can make different patterns on the CDs, it can also play with other materials such as frost, ribbons, buttons, etc..

  • Crystal Ball: A nice accessory that we have in our home, where reflected sunlight or during a holiday or at Christmas, is the crystal ball. We need a styrofoam ball the size you want and many CDs cut into small bits.
  •  At the top of the ball we put a small ring then we will be able to hang it on the ceiling. Then we started using silicone to glue each piece of CD to complete our ball !.

  •  Amazing boxes:

  • Decorative wall:

  • Cupholders 

    • WATCH

    As you see, there are many ideas we have to reuse old CDs, just a matter of putting our imagination and creativity.

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