Do you have any old T-shirts??Don't throw it...

We all have old T-shirts and we don't know what to do with them. Now we can make this great thing with old T-shirts.

Winnie The Pooh Pattern

He is one of the most popular cartoon characters in Disney World. All kids love him and I also love him so much, so I decided to give Winnie The Pooh's pattern to you. I hope you enjoy making it.

A very cute baby blanket model

This blanket model is different and cute for your baby, so I want to share it with you.

Some Embroidery Patterns

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How To Make Salt Dough !!

Salt dough crafts is a great way to model favorite fun characters, Easter favorites, Christmas decorations or even ornaments and handmade gifts.
It's also a great kids craft as a modeling dough, similar to playdough, but the kids can make this themselves and only need adult help or supervision on the cooking|drying stage and final varnish sealing stage.

Salt Dough can be colored with food coloring, natural things such as cocoa powder, paprika, saffron (although very expensive) or acrylic paint.
Or, Salt Dough can be painted once dry with poster paints, acrylic or even watercolor paints.

Salt Dough Recipe for Modeling Craft Ideas

. 2 level cups of normal plain flour
. 1 level cup of fine cooking salt
. 3/4 cup of water

Not Essential Some dough crafters add wallpaper paste or a little pva or elmers glue into their mix experiment with your own recipes

My Personal Preference Is NOT to add anything else - you really don't need to. Leaving it natural works perfectly fine, why mess with perfection :-)

Add Water & Mix Salt Dough 

Colouring Salt Dough

add color to salt dough

Salt dough can be colored at this stage if you want to use different colors to make different elements of your character or craft item.

Beaded jasmine Flowers With Pictures

Add a touch of beauty to your vase with these wonderful jasmine flowers which are made ​​of beads.


A Simple Napkin Ring

You may have lunch or dinner invitation, but you may haven't some
  of hospitality 
and accessories
So in this case, you should use the raw materials
In your house ..
Here is how to make a napkin's ring easily..

Preparation peceteyuzugu4uh9 Simple Napkin Rings

First, we get a colored ribbon and roll it on the ring

Preparation peceteyuzugudz0 Simple Napkin Rings

Preparation peceteyuzugu1rq1 Simple Napkin Rings

After that, we get plastic flower and leaves for decorating the ring. 

Preparation peceteyuzugu3ji0 Simple Napkin Rings

Then paste the plastic leaves and flower on the ring by a silicone gun.

Preparation peceteyuzugu4uh9 Simple Napkin Rings